About this blog

One of the main purposes of this infinitesimal addition to the vast googolplex of words floating around the internet is to chronicle the career (or otherwise) of my attempts to become a ‘recognised’ writer. Musings on the process from obscurity to notoriety, the triumphs and the disappointments, the lawsuits, the deliberately distorted manglings of the mass-media – if you want all that then you’ve obviously put in the wrong term in your search engine and arrived here by mistake. What you WILL find are notices of acceptances, rejections and progress reports on stories and what not instead, as well as musings on other, miostly irrelevant, things that happen to catch my attention.

In addtion, I will also post book reviews I’ve written for BookGeeks and/or Horror Reanimated, convention reports whenever I happen to attend one and maybe a little about any gigs I go to – music being one of my other ‘passions’. I will probably wax rhapsodically about any new tattoos I get too…. just because I can…

Comments are always welcome…. communication is essential in my quest to hone my writing skills etc.,… but simply saying ‘…your last story was crap…’ won’t do – explain why it was crap and make suggestions as to how it could have been made better… I do take advice, only as long as it’s constructive, though…



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