Today, rather than devote space to writery things and such mundane matters, I want instead to tell you all about the wonderful woman I married three years ago today, Lizabeth Marshall-Jones. An incredibly patient, loving and beautiful person, who has taken everything I was and still am, and gave me the space, opportunity and courage to pursue my dreams – first the record-label and then, when that failed, to try my hand at writing. Without her backing me 100% I would have given up a long time ago….

More importantly, the love that was there then is even stronger today and everyday we look forward to getting old together through all the years ahead of us.  And that, to me, is what it’s all about – getting to know each other slowly, gradually, and still having the capacity to surprise each other every day. The biggest thing for us, too, is the laughter: a key ingredient in any relationship/marriage is the ability to keep laughing and making each other laugh, even through the hard times. Yes, just because you’re together doesn’t mean the hard times will stop. They never will, but at least they’re considerably easier to bear.

The bottom line, I guess, is that I love Liz deeply, and always will. In a world that often seems bereft of it, having the love of such an amazing woman is all the more remarkable, and all the more to be treasured. My world is definitely a sunnier place now that Liz is part of it….

All I need say is: THANK YOU!! XXX

(Normal service will be resumed tomorrow… =D )….


4 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. Thats so heartwarming, dear Moon, you are too very fortunate and lovely people to have what you share. I have spent a little time with you both and the feeling of calm and love in your home is tangible.long may it continue and I hope to be able to come and see you both again soon.

    With heartfelt love

    Anne xoxoxox

  2. Lizabeth Marshall-Jones Says:

    Thank you. Loving your best friend is easy though, I’m grateful to have the opportunity of living with mine xx

  3. Having met you both on two occassions, and never forgetting the look on moons face when I wanted to carry the kittens down the stairs at Tonbridge station after Lyns party. I cannot think of a couple I feel most endearingly for. Hand on heart, your love for each other has inveigled it’s way into my daily life. That’s quite herculean in my book. A true co-existence 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Donny Boucher Says:

    I have that rare opportunity to be in love with my best friend as well.

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