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Spectral progress update…

Posted in News with tags , , , on December 10, 2010 by simonmarshalljones

Just a quick blog today, to let y’all know the state of play on how the first Spectral chapbook is coming on. I have just returned from the printers and it’s all looking mighty grand, the signature sheets will be ready by Monday morning and then I can send them on to Gary to number and sign. As soon as they arrive back on my doorstep, ¬†they will go back to the printer’s, and then all the fun of collating and stapling begins for them.

They handily printed up a ‘mock’ of the text and I am happy to report that it meets all expectations and then some – everything was crisply reproduced and very clear. The cover also looks great, too – the people I am using have obviously taken extreme care with it all and to very exacting standards. I shall definitely be using them again.

Quite frankly, it’s absolutely amazing how fast this has all come together. It’s just less than two and a half months since I found myself toying with the idea after being inspired by FCon 2010, and both Nightjar and Tartarus Presses, and then thinking that FCon 2011 would be the ideal launch venue to kick things off in. However, with all the authors I asked agreeing to sign on and then, after I opened the doors to subscriptions (26 and counting at the present time), the brilliant response to it, it’s meant that I can start a lot earlier than anticipated. So, instead of having to wait until September 2011, subscribers and readers will only have to wait about a month.

2011 and Spectral Press have enormous potential between them. I have further plans, as some of you know, and ideas are constantly brewing in my head. I have a few authors in mind that I would absolutely love to feature in the line-up, but that depends on a few factors that I am unable to fulfill at the present time. But I sincerely hope that that won’t always be the case and that at least some of the writers I want to appear will consent to write something for Spectral.

Now, one of the plans I have is that, every couple of years, I will hold an open competition asking for submissions and then maybe getting some of the Spectral authors already published to adjudicate if they have time. The prize will be a chapbook publication. The aim would be to give some newer writers a chance to get their work published. Necessarily, the same high Spectral standards will apply when it comes to choosing the winning story.

Further down the line, there’s the possibility of expanding slightly and possibly publishing very limited novellas in hardback – that one was inspired by ChiZine Publications’ production of Tim Lebbon’s The Thief of Broken Toys. That book showed exactly what is possible, even in a compact format. The possibilities are endless, I feel.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that everything is going to plan and very smoothly so. Subscribers can expect their copies of What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon to be with them in early January. I am just looking forward to seeing it all come together.