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Some Spectral Press news…

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on November 26, 2010 by simonmarshalljones

Nobody can accuse me of not thinking ahead – in this particular case, I’ve more or less decided which authors are going to be featured in Spectral Press IV – VII, due in 2012…

The authors are: Paul Finch, whose contribution, King Death, I’ve just had the pleasure of reading and is a deliciously creepy tale of misplaced hubris, Alison Littlewood (Inside the Circles Three), Simon Kurt Unsworth (Rough Music), and Thana Niveau (as yet untitled). Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there will be FOUR ‘issues’ in 2012. Furthermore, should Spectral I – III be successful I might even publish Paul’s chapbook in December 2011, meaning that the others’ publication dates will also come forward – to be possibly followed by a Wayne Simmons chapbook in late 2012, a story based in his Drop Dead Gorgeous milieu. It also means that subs to IV – VII will be available just after Cate’s chapbook is published in September.

Spectral Press is definitely becoming more substantial with every day that passes…. exciting times indeed. =D

Spectral news and other stuff

Posted in News with tags , on November 6, 2010 by simonmarshalljones

First off, I would like you all to welcome on-board the ghostly Spectral Press ship another great author:


Paul is a screenwriter, novelist, short story writer and journalist, and has published three novels (Cape Wrath [2002], Stronghold [2010] and Sparrowhawk [also 2010]) and his short stories have appeared in numerous collections and anthologies. A film, The Devil’s Rock, written by him and Paul Campion (who directs as well), is currently in post-production, and is due sometime in 2011. Paul also provided additional material for a 2005 film, Spirit Trap, and has contributed scripts for ITV’s long-running drama series The Bill. Spectral is indeed shaping up extremely nicely author-wise… so get those subs in NOW (hint, hint)!

In other news…

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the Cooks Source plagiarism and copyright infringement fiasco (click here to read all about it), I learn that the editor has apparently apologised for her gaffe, but (also apparently and judging from comments I’ve read in various places) the wording of it suggests that it’s something of a superficial one at best. The Cooks Source Facebook page is still being inundated with comments, but now they’re taking the form of jokey and insincere apologies. Judith Griggs does not appear to have been quite let off the hook just yet – who knows how this will end….