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Some quick news…

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on October 30, 2010 by simonmarshalljones

I’m not sure just how much I can say or not say at present, so I’ll just give a quick hint here of something else I’m now involved in… I’ve been asked to provide the cover painting for a charity anthology, scheduled to appear sometime next year in time for the convention season. What I will also say is that, judging from some of the messages already flying into my inbox there are some exciting authors already on-board, with some potentially mind-blowing ones put forward as possibles – if they say yes, then it looks set to be THE anthology of 2011.

Talking of such things, Simon Kurt Unsworth gave a charity reading for Cancer Research at his local shop-branch in Morecambe on Thursday evening. On top of that, some of his wife Wendy’s legendary cakes were on sale too. Much money was raised, but they could always do with more. There were some limited edition chapbooks available of his story The Pennine Tower Restaurant – I don’t know whether there are any of them left, but it might be worth your while contacting Simon to see if there are any still for sale. They only cost £3, a £1 of which goes toward Cancer Research UK’s continuous efforts to find a cure for this devastating disease – thousands are affected every year, and it’s all too likely that every one of us will know someone who has been so affected, or will be. You can contact him through his blog here.

Now, it’s become apparent that I have a whole pile of books here waiting  to be reviewed – so this is a forewarning that I will be going through them this weekend and prioritising which ones I will be looking at first. As I mentioned elsewhere, I will be cutting back my reviewing activities to a more manageable level next year in order to concentrate on my other projects – however, I am a man of my word and there fore I will review what has already been sent to me. I won’t be giving up reviewing entirely, as I enjoy it too much. Apologies to anyone who has sent material but not seen a review yet – I may be tardy, but my reviews are thorough and in-depth.

That’s it on the news front today – there may be a main blog-piece later, but I am opening a bank account for Spectral Press this morning, so I have no idea when I’ll be back. In the meantime, please feel free to wander around the rest of this site, while I go and indulge in some breakfast before venturing outside.