New review

Another great review, this time from author Dave Jeffery:


When a young boy is murdered, his devastated parents attempt to rebuild their shattered lives by ploughing their efforts into a renovation project. The process is meant to be cathartic, a process of healing the wound left in their lives. Yet as they work they find a room. They call it the Quiet Room, a façade hidden behind aged paper, a place where time seems to stop and space seems to have no meaning. But even this strange and ethereal place reflects the disparate nature of their relationship. Both Becky and Rob feel different when they are held in the room’s dark embrace. A mother senses her lost child. A father senses only hate and malevolence. Insidiously the place that is meant to bring them together only drives them further apart.

What they Hear in the Dark is the first publication from Spectral Press. In McMahon Spectral has found an author who knows his craft and has the wherewithal to weave a story that creates horror in visceral and cerebral layers. But it is more than this, whilst the story certainly contains content that will leave any parent either counting their blessings or recoiling in horror, it is also delicate, a tale of loss and despair that is both beautiful and deft.

A wonderful introduction to Spectral Press and a privilege to read; What They Hear in the Dark comes highly recommended. (My emphasis)


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