Keeping in touch….

Just a really small blog to let you know how to stay abreast of everything to do with Spectral Press:

First up is the dedicated WordPress blog,, where you’ll be able to keep up with developments, find out what’s forthcoming, news and information regarding the press’ activities.

Secondly, Spectral has a Facebook page as well – which can be found here. Just press the ‘LIKE’ button to show your appreciation – there will also be links to the WordPress blog there, too.

We also have a Twitter account now, as well – @SpectralPress – join us there if you can! Would be great to see you!

Lastly, you can always contact Spectral on spectralpress[at]gmail[dot]com directly for information on such things as how to order, events we’ll be attending or forthcoming publications. Media enquiries should be directed there as well.

2011 looks set to be a great year – so why not join us!

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