News etc.,

Okay, so quite a bit of news to get through today…

First off, the scanning job is over halfway done, I think, and some of you may have worked out that it’s for a Mary Danby retrospective collection, to be published in the new year by Noose and Gibbet Publishing. Mary edited, and contributed to, many of the volumes in The Armada Ghost Book and Fontana Books of Great Horror Stories series, as well as Nightmares (Armada), The Green Ghost and Other Stories (Armada), and 65 Great Tales of the Supernatural (Sundial). Apparently Mary is also contributing a new short story for the collection, too.

Next up is the news that, all being well, a week tomorrow should see me being published for the very first time, when my story The Wages of Sin will be published by Dark Valentine online magazine. Look out for that.

Early next year, Shock Totem magazine will be publishing the first, introductory, part of a regular column, written by me in collaboration with one of the editors, John Boden. It’ll be devoted to two things which are very close to both our black hearts: music and horror, and the eternal connection between the two. It’ll stretch as far back as we can go and proceed right up to modern times, touching on both familiar genres and those that remain obstinately and purposely obscure. January 2011 is the publication date, I’m led to believe.

The editing job is coming on fine – just going through the first run-through (which I should finish today), after which I will go through it a second time and make sure all my edits are consistent and appropriate, plus further proofreading. It’s been challenging to say the least, but in an immensely enjoyable way, and has stretched me intellectually as well, which is no bad thing.

In other news, there’s a long term project in the offing which I am quite excited about, should it come off (and I’m determined to make it happen) – a collaboration with author Gary McMahon, combining my art with his wordsmithing. I aim to produce about 15 – 20 paintings, and then Gary will weave a tale around the images. I would then like to see it mounted as an exhibition, maybe at a con or two, which will eventually lead to the publication of an artbook sometime. These are very early days yet however – no timescale has been set, but completion is envisaged to be some way off, certainly. But I think the promise is definitely there.

Finally, very soon in fact, I will be starting to promote Gary’s chapbook and the launch of Spectral Press proper. Any ideas for arenas where I can let people know about this new imprint, please let me know. What They Hear in the Dark by Mr. McMahon, the launch issue, will be available within the next two months.

It’s all go here!!!! =D


4 Responses to “News etc.,”

  1. Simon I’m this very minute compiling the White Noise news column for the Dec issue of Black Static.
    If you want a mention send whatever you’re ready to share about Spectral/the McMahon chapbook to me via before the end of the day.

  2. I’m assuming you no longer eat or sleep. Looks like it’s going to be an exciting 2011.

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