Another small celebration

Just a very short blog to let everyone know that today Ramblings of a Tattooed Head is six months old. Yes, SIX months old. I’m frankly amazed that I am still here, that people still appear to be interested enough to want to come and read what I have to say AND, more importantly, I am still as enthusiastic and excited about maintaining it as I was when I set it up on May 24th this year.

Looking back on everything, the reasons why I keep writing this blog have shifted considerably. First it was all to do with my writing and was primarily aimed at those, like me, who were trying to find their way in the literary world. Then it swerved away from that and dealt more with the reviewing side of things – and now it’s swerved yet again, this time more towards my publishing/editorial ambitions, with Spectral Press just about to launch for real within the next two months. What with me having some painting projects lined up for next year, I can see the emphasis shifting again. Exciting times indeed.

However, the writing hasn’t been forsaken, I hasten to add. I have had some ideas for a YA novel, of all things, which I’ve had in my head for some years now, so when I finally get time (maybe over Christmas), I’ll start plotting it out and having a crack at it. The reviewing will also be resumed after the present bout of work, but that will eventually be curtailed to a much more manageable level as I’ve realised the futility of trying to do everything. Then there’s the resumption of the painting, which I am very much looking forward to.

So, 2011 is already looking busy – a state I could never have imagined six months ago. It just goes to show what hard work and persistence can achieve, I guess. I’m intrigued as to what projects I’ll be involved in when I write the celebratory note for Rambling’s first anniversary in another six months’ time. Who knows, eh? Just keep watching this space, as someone once said….

2 Responses to “Another small celebration”

  1. >>just goes to show what hard work and persistence can achieve, I guess<<
    Absolutely, hats off to you!

  2. Congrats Simon!! 🙂

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