End of the Line book launch – the event

Cover image © Solaris Books - used with permission

Foyle’s Bookshop, Charing Cross, London – 6:30pm 16th November 2010.

Meeting up with friends, both old and new, is always a good thing, especially when it’s a book launch in the capital, no less. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday, when I travelled into London (despite the best efforts of Milton Keynes train station to make me miss my train – fortunately the one I was headed for was slightly delayed, thus allowing me to buy my ticket and catch it on time) and met up with Mick & Debbie Curtis and John Probert and Thana Niveau. After a fabulous Thai meal, we wandered around a few shops before John and Thana headed off to their hotel and Mick, Debbie and I settled into comfy seats in a pub.

Then on to the event itself, which, I am glad to say, was very well attended (about 120 people). Met up with more friends there (Gary McMahon, Greg James, Stephen Volk, Mark Morris, Charles Rudkin and Jasper Bark), all of whom had made the trip into the capital from far-flung parts of the kingdom. Jonathan Oliver of Solaris Books (and editor of this particular anthology) hosted a short panel session with Adam LG Nevill, Pat Cadigan and Christopher Fowler, followed by a Q&A session. Which was then followed by the requisite book signing… or not.

Herein lies my only criticism of the evening – there wasn’t an organised autograph session, plus, apart from the authors whose faces I was already familiar with, I didn’t know who any of the other writers were. A few identification badges wouldn’t have gone amiss. I did manage to get people to scribble various graffiti in my copy anyway, despite their rabid search for alcohol…

However, all was not lost – the Phoenix Artist’s Club, opposite Foyle’s, came to our rescue. A much needed couple of drinks, courtesy of the lovely Greg James, revived me. Then the rest of the evening was spent talking and waffling myself hoarse, meeting people and catching up. And then, unfortunately, I had to make my way back home to the Midlands – but, when I did get home, my bed was the most incredibly and wonderfully welcoming thing at the end of a great day.

Thanks are due to Jonathan Oliver of Solaris Books for organising things, Pat Cadigan, Christopher Fowler and Adam Nevill for being such entertaining panellists, Foyle’s and the Phoenix Artist’s Club for hosting everything, and to all the people who made it such a pleasant evening. Thanks also to all those who signed my book for me. AND, of course, thanks to Mick, Debbie, John and Thana for the food and drink, and to Greg for the much needed revivifying drinks! See you folks again soon.

(A review of this anthology will be forthcoming fairly soon…)


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