A welcome break

I have to say, the couple of bits of work that have come my way recently are something of a welcome break. In just the last month I have been asked to edit a book and to scan some stories into the computer for a collection due to be published early next year. I will admit here that reading was beginning to pall slightly, which is rather awkward considering that I’m a book reviewer. I’ve noticed, however, that such things go in cycles and on a fairly regular basis too.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love reading (and always will) but, like everything else, I don’t like too much of a good thing. Having too much of anything, even if it’s something you’re particularly fond of doing, inevitably leads to ennui and boredom (even resentment) setting in (in my case, anyway. That’s the last thing I want happening. I could already feel  that resentment starting to nibble away at the edges of my mind.

Thankfully, then, two projects landed in my inbox in just the nick of time, promising to keep the gremlins of “I-don’t-want-to-do-this” at bay. But, that’s also an indicator that I do have a mind that needs to be constantly occupied otherwise I just start metaphorically dribbling and losing brain-cells (which is starting to happen now anyway, given my age LOL). In the wake of the stroke I had nearly 14 years ago, you can’t imagine how grateful I am that my mind is still very active (and I want to keep it that way), despite the unwillingness of the flesh that houses it to move with the alacrity it once possessed. Depending on the day and how I’m feeling, I can either be a slightly crippled hare or a tortoise.

This also prompts me to wonder how the world turns – six or seven years ago I was a distinctly different creature – living in a smelly, damp flat, drinking ally day and every day and with about as much enthusiasm (in those rare moments that I was sober) as a very dead brick. Plus I was probably deep in the depths of depression without even realising it. Now, all those years later, in the middle of a different set of circumstances (wife, house, family, a fridge full of cheese), things are much more hopeful, not to say positively productive.

Plus I am getting back into the old painting malarky, too. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, but when I’m in the mood for it, nothing can stop me and I enjoy the frisson it brings immensely. I find it much easier if they’re commissioned paintings, rather than ones that have been dragged kicking and screaming from the depths of my rancid subconscious – it’s much better and more satisfying. Again, this means that next year, I’ll be able to take a break from the reviewing and get on with something to occupy my grey matter with.

In the more immediate future however, tomorrow night (Tuesday 16th November) I will be attending the launch of the End of the Line anthology from Solaris Books, at Foyle’s in Charing Cross Road, London. My copy of the book will be scrawled upon, shoulders will be rubbed against and drink will be consumed. Promises to be a great night… which will be duly reported on in Wednesday’s blog.

Okay, just off to talk to some printers… =)


One Response to “A welcome break”

  1. No one can be sad when there’s cheese in the house. Enjoy the launch.

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