Spectral Press doings and news

Just a little note to those who took out subscriptions yesterday and also to those who are thinking of taking out a sub in the near future:

Please be aware that the FIRST chapbook is scheduled for April/May of 2011. I am fully cognisant of the fact that there’s quite a gap between now and then, but this is a deliberate ploy in order to give me enough time to raise the necessary funds so I can pull it all together. IF, however, I raise the money BEFORE end of March of next year then I will bring the publication date forward, simple as that. I just wanted all customers, both existing and potential, to be aware of this. The money is already coming in, but I am also completely aware that for most people I am an unknown quantity, and that they would be wary of sending me subscriptions, which I completely understand. I am also working on raising funds from other sources as well – be assured, that Spectral Press IS happening. However, by subscribing now you get to be a part of this new venture – and if anyone DOES take one out before the first publication is issued then your name will be listed in the very first chapbook itself – how’s that for an incentive? Regardless, I thank you for your patience!!

In other news…

The latest recruit for Willie Meikle’s The Unspoken charity anthology is…

Lisa Tuttle

Lisa is a very well-known fantasy, science-fiction and horror writer, having published scores of novels and collections over the years. The anthology is most definitely shaping up to be a very exciting one, one that I am getting increasingly proud of being a part of.

More news on this project as it comes in.


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