Books to be reviewed: priorities…

Okay, here are the books that I will be reviewing over the next three to four months, in the order I will be doing them more or less:

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen 50th anniversary edition, by Alan Garner (currently being done)

With Deepest Sympathy, by Johnny Mains (as part of a broader essay on the revival of interest in older styles of horror)

The Moon of Gomrath, by Alan Garner

Of Time and Dust, by Steven Savile and Steve Lockley

Nemonymous Ten: Null Immortalis, by various

Knuckle Supper, by Drew Stepek

Dark Matter, by Peter Straub

Shock Totem #2, by various

The Demi-Monde, by Rod Rees

Under the Poppy, by Kathe Koja

Let me Die a Woman, by Alan Kelly

Blonde on a Stick, by Conrad Willams

Once and Future Cities, by Allen Ashley

The End of the Line, edited by Jonathan Oliver

Veins, by Lawrence C. Connelly

The Lost Books of the Odyssey, by Zachary Mason

Vipers, by Lawrence C. Connelly

The Oz Suite, by Gerard Houarner

Dancing Jax, by Robin Jarvis

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, by Arthur Machen

Unpleasant Tales, by Brendan Connell

Gaslight Grotesque, edited by Jeff Campbell and Charles Prepolec

The Technician, by Neal Asher

This Way to Egress, by Larence C. Connelly

Black Swan Rising, by Lee Carroll

Feral Companions, Simon Maginn and Gary Fry

House of Canted Steps, by Gary Fry

Wolfsangel, by MD Lachlan

When the Night Comes Down, edited by Bill Breedlove

Mr. Shivers, by Robert Jackson Bennett

A Painter of our Time, by John Berger

Corker’s Freedom, by John Berger


Late addition:-

In the Rain With the Dead, by Mark West

Okay… there are THIRTY-ONE books there to review…. I have necessarily omitted some but I will get all these done as fast as I am able to… those I have left I will endeavour to review as well… but when I have time… sincere apaologies to all those who have sent me material and I have failed to review them in a timely manner… if people send me more I will be rigorous in what I choose to review…

Please bear with me while I get these done, and I thank you in advance for your patience…


6 Responses to “Books to be reviewed: priorities…”

  1. Why are Gaslight Grotesque and End of the Line so far down the list? 🙂

  2. I’ll get to them eventually!! I promise… I will still be reviewing books as they lowere me into the ground I reckon…

  3. My TBR pile is about four times that size, not counting PDFs, so if you think you have scheduling problems Simon…

    I don’t make promises. I warn people that I get a lot more books than I can possibly review, and that if they do send me something then there’s no guarantee when, or even if, a review will be done, and that they should only send me stuff if they’re happy with that. Most still take the chance.

    It’s sad when you have to disappoint people, but unavoidable.

  4. Mick Curtis Says:

    Hi Simon – are there any changes to the original book with the 50th anniversary copy of Brisingamen?

    • Only to the hardback edition, Mick – in that one there’s an introduction from Mr. Garner himself, where he apparently talks about his love of Alderley Edge, the setting of the book… I still want to get the hardback, as it has a beautiful cover piccie of the Cadellin Silverbrow superimposed in some Celtic knotwork… superb looking thing – onlt £14.99, or so I’m told… 😀

      Mind you, the paperback version has a lovely cover too…

  5. The titles of some of these books sound very intriguing. I still have to read the second short story you sent me a while ago. Damn, I’m amazingly slow, aren’t I?

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