Books galore….

Just a quick post to tell you about some books I received today, which were:

For review –

The Call of Kerberos (Twilight of Kerberos Book 2), by Jonathan Oliver (Abaddon Books)

The End of the Line, by Various, edited by Jonathan Oliver (Solaris Books)

Especially looking forward to the latter, as I have heard some great things about it and I am attending its launch in London in November- autographs aplenty, mateys… =D

I also received a rather nice book this morning, one that I have already reviewed – Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things by Cate Gardner (Strange Publications). It was signed, of course, by Cate and she also thought to include a signed bookmark, too. But, what really makes it special is what’s on the back cover – above an excerpt from the introduction by Nathaniel Lambert is a quote from my review of the collection, posted at Beyond Fiction some months ago and reposted here a month later. That has really made my day,  even after I managed to lock myself out of the house earlier…. and accidentally insult Steve Duffy by forgetting to include his name in the list of Spectral authors in the previous blog (and of course, I am now suitably contrite)…


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