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10:30 am and I still haven’t thought of a topic for a scintillating blog post – luckily however, the postman came to my rescue and shoved a lovely package into my hands, in which I found:

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, by Arthur Machen (Tartarus Press)

Tartarus really do some superb-looking books, it has to be said. This is how books SHOULD be, in my opinion….

Spectral Press news

I have decided that the imprint will actually be launched online early next year, round about April time, to be followed by an official launch at FCon later on in September. I am hoping that some of the authors due to appear in Spectral chapbooks will do readings at the event and, by then, it is envisaged that the second publication, Gary Fry’s Heart Trail, will be ready for launch. There will also be a signing session as well.

With that in mind, I have brought forward the closing date of the competition, from June 30th 2011 to March 31st 2011. Remember, you can only be eligible to win the prize, a framed and signed copy of the very first chapbook plus the annotated and signed manuscript, by either subscribing to Spectral Press or pre-ordering Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark. Subscriptions will be £10 (incl p+p) for a year’s worth (3 issues) and Chapbook 1 can be pre-ordered for £3 + 50p p+p. Orders for both will be open once I have set up a new bank account and Paypal facilities – please check back regularly.

Please note too: there is a new email contact address for Spectral Press, which is Any correspondence concerning enquiries and further details should be sent there.

I will be publishing a list sometime of the authors who have so far said they’d write something for me – it’s a great roster and looks set to bode well for the future of the imprint. The newest one to welcome aboard is Stephen ‘Afterlife’ Volk – it just keeps getting better. =)


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