Book and PDF (and things…)…

Okay peeps, another little book hit the welcome mat in our currently stripped-down-ready-for-decorating hallway:

Let Me Die a Woman, by Alan Kelly (Pulp Press)

This looks completely mad and over-the-top, judging by its lurid neon pink cover with chainsaw- and machine-gun-wielding babes in very little clothing – think Russ Meyer à la Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!, or something along those lines anyway. It’s also been made to look like an original 1950s/1960s pulp paperback, complete with scuffs, scratches and creases. Also, I’m not entirely sure whether the title was inspired by Doris Wishman’s Let Me Die a Woman, a semi-documentary film about transsexualism and the sex-change work of  New York-based Dr. Leo Wollman. It’s a damn strange film, is all I’m saying…. definitely eye-opening, in more ways than one. Could be the same for the book….

Also received a PDF last week:

Carnacki – Heaven and Hell, by Willie Meikle (Ghostwriter Publications)

Spectral Press news

Two more authors have joined the roster of the imprint to be: Steve Duffy and John Llewellyn Probert. This brings the number to 15 – about three to four year’s worth of issues. Of course, who knows what will happen once the Press gets properly underway and more exciting new writers are discovered and established ones start to come on board. The future at least looks promising on that front.

Also, my very good friend Neil Williams has been designing the cover of the first one (sorry Mark) and it’s all looking good right now… pictures to appear on here very soon.

That’s all for now – keep checking back… =)


One Response to “Book and PDF (and things…)…”

  1. All of Pulp Press’ covers are cracking and OTT. As are the books themselves!

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