More new arrivals

Oh yes, yet another new tome found its way here this morning. a hefty one, even in paperback:

Dancing Jax, by Robin Jarvis (Harper Collins)

The book is described thusly on the back cover:

“A contemporary horror story, a portrait of a nation in crisis, and a breathless race against time, this landmark novel is also an incisive portrayal of the danger of art, and the power of stories to corrupt the soul…”

Haven’t quite decided whether that means it’s intriguing, or it’s nothing more than pretentious hyperbole – certainly it’s giving itself a lot to live up to…

However, something else arrived this morning which is more exciting; a signed souvenir programme from FantasyCon 2008, which I won at this year’s FCon raffle. And who is it signed by? No less a personage than Dave McKean, illustrator of the dark and twisted, photographer, comic book artist, graphic designer, film-maker and musician. So, annoyingly multi-talented then…

Regardless, it’s a beaut of an item, something that is going to be treasured and kept safe. Thanks to the wonderful Pixie Pants for sending it, and now I am so glad that I didn’t let Guy Adams sweet-talk me into¬†surrendering my raffle tickets to him when I realised that I wasn’t actually going to be there for the draw itself… =)


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