Book and yet more exciting Spectral newsiness…

Before we go onto the main bit of this post, I received another book for review yesterday:

Black Swan Rising, by Lee Carroll (Bantam Press)

This looks to be something of a departure for me in terms of genre, but I am willing to give it a go…

Spectral Press Launch Competition

Okay, here’s an idea that I, combined with the mighty brainpower of both Gary McMahon and Mark West, came up with (well, okay, it was mostly them…) regarding an incentive for people to buy into the very first publication from the new imprint.

Simply put, I am going to run a competition, exclusively limited to those people who pre-order What They Hear in the Dark, Mr. McMahon’s brilliant story of loss and its tragic aftermath, which will launch the imprint next year. If you pre-order before June 30th 2011 then you could stand a chance of winning a signed and framed edition of the book plus, in the same package and frame, an annotated copy of the manuscript itself, which no doubt will bear the man’s scrawled signature as well. And I am sure the frame can be made to match your decor as well… =D

What would you have to do to win this luscious prize? It’s simple: when you pre-order a copy/ies (at £3.50each [includes postage]), your name goes into a hat. On, or about July 1st 2011, I will write all the names down on pieces of paper, put them in a hat and then I, or one of the cats, will pull a name out. And that’s all it takes!! For further details, contact me at…. =)

It’s a great prize, something that’ll be guaranteed to look fabulous on that wall of yours!! Get pre-ordering – what are you waiting for? =D


One Response to “Book and yet more exciting Spectral newsiness…”

  1. Now that sounds like a great plan to me!

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