More books and more news

Right, another book wafted its way to Marshall-Jones Mansions this morning, to wit:

Unpleasant Tales, by Brendan Connell (Eibonvale Press)

Now, in some BIG news for me…

Dave Jeffery and Stuart Nield have asked me to provide a cover painting for their latest book, Crabs: Apocalypse. Anyone who considers themselves a dyed-in-the-wool horror fan will immediately recognise that it’s part of Guy N. Smith’s Crabs series of horror novels. The best bit about it? It’s been sanctioned by the man himself. Not only that, but he will be providing a foreword to it as well. Exciting times indeed!!

It isn’t due out until sometime next year, as both Dave and Stuart want to take the time to get it right – and, of course, that applies to me too. This could be another possible sideline for me – fingers crossed!

Keep checking back here regularly!!


One Response to “More books and more news”

  1. Looking forward to working with you, Simon. You’re a unique talent.



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