Newsy stuff

First off, I forgot to mention one of the PDF’s that came my way last week, for review:

House of Canted Steps, by Gary Fry (PS Publishing)

Looking forward to reading this one, as it was launched, along with six other titles, at FantasyCon 2010.

Now on to other news:

Sometime next year, I am looking to launch my very own chapbook imprint, to be called Spectral Press, specifically concentrating on the ghostly/supernatural end of things, rather than the horrific (although, no doubt, there WILL be elements of horror in some of the stories published). They will, similar to the Nightjar imprint, feature just the one story per publication and, also similar to Nick Royle’s project, be high-quality, with professional printing and production values. Releases will necessarily be infrequent, at least initially; publishing schedules will likely only stretch to four per year at the very most. They will be limited edition, in runs of no more than 100 possibly, and are envisaged to have full-colour covers and each individually signed. All the books will have a uniform look, identifying them specifically as Spectral Press publications.

At present, I am looking for expressions of interest from authors, both established and aspiring, to contribute/submit short stories (word limit in the region of 7500 or thereabouts) to this project. The first chapbook will, hopefully, be launched at one of next year’s Cons – possibly FantasyCon 2011 in Brighton. I am also looking for a graphic designer, willing to work for nothing as I attempt to get this enterprise off the ground, to help establish a Spectral Press look.

One of the other ideas I am pondering upon is republishing old, public domain and copyright free ghost/supernatural stories, but this is an aspect of publishing that I need to thoroughly investigate further. (Any help from those already doing something along these lines would be greatly appreciated).

All these are just ideas floating around at the moment: right now, I am in the process of gauging interest and reception to such an idea. All suggestions and thoughts on this are very welcome. Please leave a comment here and I will get back you.

12 Responses to “Newsy stuff”

  1. You know me… I’m up for it. I’d love to contribute, and hope you get this going, as there’s definitely room for high quality chapbooks.

    (I don’t know if you remember Enigmatic Press, but Len Maynard and Mick Sims did good business in the late ’90s, early 00’s with a similar concept. They’re both on Facebook, and very approachable if you need some pointers.)

  2. Willie’s right, Enigmatic was a superb press and put out some top quality product.

    As for the subs, let us know when you’re ready!

  3. Sounds awesome.

    And god yes, I remember Enigmatic Press too – how old am I?

  4. Paul Bradshaw Says:

    The vultures are hovering above you already, Simon!

  5. Good idea. I’m sure it’ll go well.

  6. I don’t remember Enigmatic at all!! lol I believe these young people say. I was 22 when we started it it and felt like 123 when we ended – running any small press venture is v. tiring. Great fun though, and when it works, which it does when you get positive feedback, then it makes it all worthwhile.

    • Mick, I couldn’t agree more… Spectral Press has been receiving some fantastic feedback – it appears to have hit the right notes in a lot of ways… and I am very excited about its future… 🙂

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