Boooooooooooooooooooks (and stuff…)

Okay, some more items for review have found their way to my door, asking for shelter and succour (as well as a review or two), which are:

Black Country, by Joel Lane (Nightjar Press)

When the Door was Closed, it was Dark, by Alison Moore (Nightjar Press)

Concrete Operational: The Collection, by Richard Galbraith and others (a multimedia boxset containing an art-book, a novel and a CD of music)(Rawstone Media Industries) – I am particularly looking forward to getting to grips with this one – an interesting concept indeed. For more details please go to

I have also received some PDFs as well, to wit:

What Happens When you Wake Up in the Night, by Michael Marshall-Smith (Nightjar Press)

The Safe Children, by Tom Fletcher (Nightjar Press)

Killing Kiss (The Vampire Gene Trilogy 1), by Sam Stone (The House of Murky Depths)

Futile Flame (The Vampire Gene Trilogy 2), by Sam Stone The House of Murky Depths)

Demon Dance (The Vampire Gene Trilogy 3), by Sam Stone The House of Murky Depths)

Frightening Fables and Freaky Fairy Tales, edited by SE Cox (House of Horror)

Stitched up – A Collection of Stitched Up Flesh, edited by SE Cox and Nandy Ekle (House of Horror)

Can someone just make sure that food and drink are regularly left outside my office door, please? Much obliged, thanks!

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