Books received and bought (FCon 2010)

Okay, as promised, here is the list of books I hauled away from FCon 2010. First, those I received as review copies:

Never Again, edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane (Gray Friar Press)

Wine and Rank Poison, by Allyson Bird (Dark Regions Press)

Sourdough and Other Stories, by Angela Slatter (Tartarus Press)

The Beautiful Room, by RB Russell (Nightjar Press chapbook)

A Revelation of Cormorants, by Mark Valentine (Nightjar Press chapbook)

Feral Companions, by Simon Maginn and Gary Fry (Pendragon Press)

The Gabble and Other Stories, by Neal Asher (Tor)

Orbus (A Spatterjay novel), by Neal Asher (Tor)

The Poison Throne, by Celine Kiernan (Orbit)

Three Alternative Poetry Books, by Michelle Brenton (Endaxi Press)

Robin of the Wood: LEGEND, by Adam Greenwood (Saint Clair)

Quite a catch there – many thanks to all the writers/publishers who gave me review copies. I may be some time in getting around to them all, but I will!!

And now, the ones I actually bought:

The Dark Country, by Dennis Etchison (Berkely Books, 1982, signed)

Secret Agent of Terra, by John Brunner/The Rim of Space, by A. Bertram Chandler (Ace Double F-133, 1962)

Endless Shadow, by John Brunner/The Arsenal of Miracles, by Gardner F. Fox, (Ace Double F-299, 1964)

Danger from Vega, by John Rackham/Clash of Star-Kings, by Avram Davidson, (Ace Double G-576, 1966)

The Altar on Asconel, by John Brunner/ Android Avenger, by Ted White, (Ace Double M-123, 1965)

The fact that I picked three John Brunner novels was quite by accident…. honest. These last four will join the others in my Ace paperbacks collection. And there will always be room for more…. =)


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