I’m home… and relaaaaaaaaxxx!!

Returned just over an hour ago from FantasyCon 2010 – and what a weekend it was indeed. I will be writing up a blog tomorrow, giving the lowdown on all the event’s happenings. In the meantime, I would like to thank all the lovely people I met, friends old and new, and especially those who took the time to talk to me. I particularly like to thank those VERY lovely peeps who bought me drinks – and when Liz and I are a bit more solvent then the drinks will be returned with much gratitude. The hospitality shown me, a relative stranger, was truly touching. =)

Right now, however, I would especially like to thank Gary Cole-Wilkins and Soozy Marjoram, and Mick and Debbie Curtis for inviting me to the various meals going on over the weekend.

Thanks are also due to Raven Dane for giving me a lift to and back from Nottingham. Very special thanks to Adam Greenwood for letting me sleep in the spare bedroom – at least I seem to have got some sleep, unlike some of the con’s delegates, judging by the looks of some.

So, once I have recovered from the shenanigans, I will get down to a) write a recap of the event and b) review the books I was given to do a write-up about – including a wonderful hardback copy of Angela Slatter’s Sourdough and Other Stories, published by RB Russell’s wonderful Tartarus Press. Absolutely stunning -looking book – definitely looking forward to reading that one.

Watch this space!!


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