FANTASYCON 2010: the event!

FANTASYCON 2010, Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September, Britannia Hotel, 1 St James Street, Nottingham, UK

There’s just under a week left now until the almightiest shindig and social gathering of the year in the writers calendar opens its doors. This has been the most looked forward to of events for me, ever since I heard about it from Mr Steve Duffy in March (I was cursing I’d missed the World Horror Con in Brighton). Even better for me, however, is the fact that, after the alt.fiction and Terror Scribes events earlier on this year, I will be meeting up with friends I already know plus I’ll also be finally meeting many of the people I have only conversed with online. It’s going to be quite an event.

As you can see from the photo accompanying this post, there are some rather special guests appearing there this year. Lisa Tuttle is a science fiction, fantasy and horror author, born in Texas and now living in the more sedate surroundings of rural Scotland. Garry Kilworth is also a writer, this time of fantasy and historical novels, of which he has published a veritable shedload. Bryan Talbot is an icon of British comic art and writing, creating The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its sequel Heart of Empire; he has also written and illustrated many strips featuring some of the famous characters of 2000AD, including my very own favourite from that venerable comic, Nemesis the Warlock, alongside Pat Mills. Peter F. Hamilton is one of today’s superstars of science fiction, specialising in space opera, being the author of a number books set in the Confederation Universe and Commonwealth Universe series. He is also the author numerous short stories and novellas. This year’s MC, James Barclay, is the author of the two successful Raven trilogies and the final book in the sequence, Ravensoul; in addition, he has written two novellas, Light Stealer and Vault of Deeds.

But it’s a lot more than that, of course. There’ll be book signings and launches, including the Never Again anthology (whose story notes I published in two parts in previous posts) from Gray Friar Press, as well as new offerings like the Zombie Apocalypse, Best New Horror and Best of Best New Horror anthos. All the books will be available to purchase at the event, and many of the authors featured in these collections will be on hand to sign your books – and, as a bonus, a free glass of wine comes with the puchase of any of the last three mentioned books. (Does this mean that, if I buy all three, I’ll get three free glasses of wine?).

There’ll also be workshops and panel discussions, featuring appearances and learned wisdom from phalanxes of your favourite writers, on various topics. A dealer’s room, where you can buy more books and other stuff than your semi-detached could possibly cope with, will be in operation as well, so bring plenty of moolah with you – arrange a remortgage on your house if you have to. And on the Saturday night, there’ll be the banquet and also the BfS Awards ceremony, where many of my friends are currently up for various gongs.

Mainly, though, as exciting and interesting as all the scheduled events are, it’ll be the less formal and more sociable side of things that I am particularly looking forward to. Friends, lively conversation, rivers of fine drink (well, one or two pints anyway) and curry are definitely on the menu for the weekend. For me, too, it’s a chance to meet up with some of the authors I intend to corral into being interviewed over the course of the next few months for these very pages – people like Gary McMahon, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Allyson Bird, Tim Lebbon and Mark West, plus others too mumerous to count who have absolutely no idea of what’s going to hit them. In addition, I’ll be discussing the direction of the forthcoming book project between myself, Mark West, Adrian Chamberlin and Mark Deniz (who, sadly, won’t be there). AND I’ll be meeting my fellow Beyond Fiction reviewers for a celebratory drink (and Sharon’s birthday…. shhhhhh).

More than that, however, is, if you see me at the bar or wandering around the venue, then please don’t be shy – come and introduce yourself. Also, if there are any publishers/writers who would like any of their new releases reviewed, then please come and talk to me about it. And buy me a drink (J/K).

BTW, I am not hard to spot. =)


5 Responses to “FANTASYCON 2010: the event!”

  1. Steve Duffy Says:

    “I heard about it from Steve Duffy in March…” There you go, folks. It was all my fault, blame me.

  2. Get away with you, Steve…. I even went to the rouble of calling you Mr. Steve Duffy… an honorific indeed…. 😀

  3. Thankfully, we’ll all have name badges Simon… though perhaps if you’d wear a red carnation, then I’ll be able to spot you out in the crowd. 🙂

    Look forward to having a drink or two – bedtimes tend to coincide with the first sliver of dawn…

  4. Really looking forward to it! BTW Simon, you and Mark West look very alike (without the tats, obviously). Are you related in any way?

    I’ll be there Friday lunchtime in Area 51. What are you drinking?

    • Looking forward to meeting you, Adrian, and as far as I am aware mark and I aren’t related (although that doesn’t mean a thing…)…

      I am not sure I will be drinking, as I am on a very tight budget for the weekend,,,, I am usually fond of Belgian beers, Southern Comfort and diet Coke, vodka, wine…. ahhhhh – let’s face it, if it contains alcohol I will prbas drink it… except whiskey/whisky… although I am trying to develop a taste for it, considering I am moving to Scotland next year..

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