Books and newsy-type bits

Before I delve into the main post of the day (which I am still in the process of thinking about), here are some bits and pieces to keep you temporarily occupied with. First up, I received a couple of new books for review:

Veins, by Lawrence C. Connolly (Fantasist Enterprises)

Vipers, by Lawrence C. Connolly (Fantasist Enterprises)

Lawrence is also a musician and accompanying Veins is a soundtrack, a CD of which arrived with the books. Will be interested to see how it fits into the atmosphere of the first novel….

Secondly, my Imagination is a precious thing… blog, which I posted some weeks back, has been reproduced in House of Horror webzine #15, and the article can be found here (thanks to Sammi Cox for that!). While you’re there, why not have a look around at the other articles and stories contained therein, as well as the ones from previous issues. It’s definitely worth it…

Thirdly, Beyond Fiction wants YOU! Or more precisely we’re looking for reviewers:

“Would you like your name spread all over the internet? Do you like writing reviews of books, films and games? Do you sometimes think, I could do better than that when reading a review of your favourite book or film?

Well, now’s your chance. Beyond Fiction is recruiting reviewers for these pages and we’re inviting YOU to send samples of your work to us. We’re looking for top quality reviewers, who can provide us with in-depth write-ups of genre material, with a love for media, an excellent command of English and an ability to write clearly. You will also be encouraged to interview the writers and creators of some the best in popular genre media today.

Please send us a sample or two of your reviews (max 500 words each), along with a covering email telling us if you’ve already been published (and which magazines/websites your work appears in) or if you’re a new reviewer. Please email to:

We’re waiting to hear from you, and good luck!

You never know – it could be worth a try…

That’s all for now – back soon with the main feature of the day… =D


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