Books and other review media

It’s that time again: notification of new material to be reviewed. So, without further fuss, here’s what I’ll be having a go at:

Blonde on a Stick, by Conrad Williams (MaxCrime)

The Crown of the Blood, by Gav Thorpe (Angry Robot)

Mr. Shivers, by Robert Jackson Bennett (Orbit)

In addition, I have received the following as PDFs:

Fungus of the Heart, by Jeremy C. Shipp (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

The Places Between, by Terry Grimwood (Pendragon Press)

Girl with No Hands, by Angela Slatter (Ticonderoga Publications)

And now, for something completely different: my good friend, Gary Cole-Wilkins, kindly sent me two of his CDs for review, namely:

Death to the Antenna, by The Antenna (Righte0us 8-Track)

A Parallelogram of Suitcases, by Gary Cole-Wilkins (Self-released)

This will be a very interesting exercise – I haven’t reviewed music for a while, and both of these are outside my comfort zone. But it’s something I will definitely have a crack at, providing I get the time…. and when I do, they’ll be appearing exclusively on “Ramblings…” and nowhere else.


2 Responses to “Books and other review media”


    I would be eagerly waiting for your reviews so that I may take a decision regarding procuring some of these items at a later stage, subject to the (then) condition of my purse, off course.

  2. I shall certainly get to them as fast as I can…. currently I have about 40 – 50- books needing reviews…. and I will keep my word that I will get to all of them, even if it takes me years… LOL 🙂

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