Get your glad rags on….

… because this is my 100th post. Yes! You read that right, my ONE HUNDREDTH POST! I think reaching that milestone deserves a little whooping and hollering about, and a smidgeon of celebration (my wife is actually out shopping right now, and is going to be buying a bottle of wine with which I can properly mark the occasion…).

In all honesty, however, I really didn’t think that this blog would amount to anything when I first set it up nearly three months ago – after all, I am just one of millions of people out there doing the very same thing, and all attempting to grab the attention of billions of potential readers. Plus I suspect it takes a peculiar species of chutzpah to even think that anybody could be remotely interested in what this individual has to say, especially considering that he hasn’t actually been in the ‘scene’ that long (just coming up to a year, in fact). That’s like taking the advice of a barely-known neighbour on that small medical problem you have, rather than seeking the views of  a highly-trained doctor.

So what has this blog achieved? Quite a lot, in my humble opinion and I am pleased with the small impact it’s had. First, in just the three months of its existence polluting the webisphere it has a daily average hit-rate of 52 or thereabouts. I have regular readers, some of whom have told me that they enjoy what I write about and also look forward to the good range of guest-blogs I post. I am proud to have hosted some mighty fine guests on these virtual pages, some well-known and some not so, but ALL with valid and useful contributions. Given that my aim is to generate debate about various topics in the writing world, I think I have achieved that, too – you only have to read the comments on the latest guest-blog, from Rhys Hughes, to figure that out.

It really is nice to think that there are people out there who take something away from my little virtual corner of the interwebz. I may not be the most insightful person on the planet, or the most articulate (or even the most opinionated), but it nevertheless makes me feel justified in having set up this blog in the first place (and here, I must once again thank Mark West for encouraging me to go ahead with the idea). It’s given me enormous pleasure posting something nigh-on every day (and it’s given me some much-needed discipline in that regard), whether it be one one of my own warblings or whether it be a guest-post. More than that, I’ve learnt a great deal from the guest-blogs and from the comments contributed by correspondents. I’ve also met some great people through here, too.

Obviously, it doesn’t end there.  I have ideas for the blog that I would still like to see come to fruition – like, for instance, spotlight features on small-press publishers, as a means of bringing them to the attention of people who might not necessarily be aware of their existence and what they have to offer. I suspect that there are some people who equate small-press with low-quality and with rough DIY production values and concomitant ethos, which is something I would seriously like to disabuse those people of. The small-press does a sterling job of bringing new and exciting writers to our notice.

Something which is already starting to happen on the blog is writers talking about new projects and books they’re involved in, and I would encourage more authors to contribute such articles to “Ramblings…”. If nothing else, it’ll provide insights into their minds work, as well as let us know about new material from our favourite horrormeisters.

I would also like to throw out an invitation to you readers out there to tell me what else you’d like to see on here. I would also like a little bit of feedback on how you think I’m doing, the good bits and where you see me going wrong. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated,

I should like you to all to raise a virtual glass of good quality vino and join me in saying: “Here’s to the next 100 posts!” *CLINK*


7 Responses to “Get your glad rags on….”

  1. Congratulations on the 100th post, you got here a lot quicker than me! Good on you, Simon, it’s a cracking blog.

  2. Congrats on 100 posts, Simon.

  3. It’s a good thing to have your words out there, isn’t it? Kudos to you! I enjoyed stopping by and like reading your work.

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