Latest books

Just a brief note on what’s been added to my currently groaning bookshelf. Fisrt up, for review on Bookgeeks is:

Requiems for the Departed, edited by Gerrard Brennan and Mike Stone (Morrigan Books)

And for my personal collection and reading pleasure:

The Horror in the Museum: Collected Short Stories Volume Two, by HP Lovecraft – Selected by MJ Elliott (Wordsworth Editions)

Collected Ghost Stories, by MR James, with an introduction by David Stuart Davies (Wordsworth Editions)

Still slowly reading through Volume one of Lovecraft’s Collected Short Stories, The Whisperer in Darkness, in fact just about to embark on ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’. I really AM revisiting my long-ago youth (or at least my twenties). I still get the same delicious now as I did then.

The MR James stories will be a new experience for me, I shamefacedly admit. I DID actually buy an MR James book of collected stories about 16 years ago (probably the same edition) but never got to actually read it and, I would wager, it’s probably floating around here someplace. No doubt when we start packing for the move next year I’ll find it… it’s always the way… =D


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