BEYOND FICTION: the new frontier

Last night, the 9th of August 2010 at 9pm GMT, a new star in the virtual firmanent blazed into existence. Beyond Fiction flared brightly, and looks set to develop into an exciting and permanent fixture in the infinite spaces of the electronic dimensions already.

So, what is Beyond Fiction? It’s a new media review website, committed to bringing you ‘…quality reviews…  and bringing you the best in today’s literature, film, games and other media….’. It’s the brainchild of Mark Deniz, publisher/owner of Morrigan Books. Mark is the Editor-in-Chief, and he will be ably assisted by Sharon Ring (Morrigan Books) and Simon Marshall-Jones (your erstwhile  bloggy scribe) as Assistant Editors and reviewers. The rest of Team BF are:

Bertena Varney – Reviewer and Promotion

Katey Taylor – Reviewer and Web issues

Peter Bell – Reviewer

Louise Morgan – Reviewer

Scott Wilson – Reviewer

Each member of team has, between them, many years of experience in the field. Beyond Fiction will, of course, concentrate mainly on genre offerings (our general area of expertise), but it isn’t necessarily restricted to them. Limitations and boundaries are self-imposed precepts, which we, as reviewers and lovers of the written word, refuse to accept (hence BEYOND Fiction). We will also venture further, into cinematic territory, as well as looking into television shows, comics/graphic novels and games. Reviews and opinions expressed will be informed and not just thrown out there.

It will also feature interviews with the authors and creators behind many of the projects we feature in our reviews; these will be found in the Stars of Speculative Fiction section. It’ll also be the home of Ghost Appreciation Month, a month-long festival of all things ghostly in the literary and film worlds, and will run from 1st-31st October 2010. Following the successful format of Vampire Awareness Month, 31 films will be screened, one each night, plus in addition there will a 24-part anime series to be shown before each film running from 6th-31st October. On top of that there will be blog posts, essays and reviews to accompany the event.

We hope that Beyond Fiction will ultimately serve as a useful nexus for people who are interested in all forms of fictional media, a place where people can come and be informed, as well as discuss and comment. So, come and join us over at and see what we have to offer!!

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