Future plans and coming attractions…

Just thought I’d give you guys the heads-up on some of the plans that I have for this blog, mainly to give an indication of where it’s going. =)

First off, in light of the Patience and the Small-Press blog’s popularity (and a discussion I had with Allyson Bird), I plan to run a regular series of features on small-press publishers, taking a different publisher a week and having the people who run them have their say. There are a lot of quality publishers doing great work out there and I would like to do my part, however small it is, in helping bring them to people’s attentions. The big boys don’t need any help; they have professional marketing departments to do that for them. It’s those who run these imprints in their spare time. just because they love the genres they publish, who need a little bit of a promotional spotlight now and then, and who better to do the promoting than the owners themselves? And I am not just talking about horror imprints here, but any medium of dark or genre fiction in either prose, poetry or comics form. Any small-press publishing outfits are encouraged to get in contact with me if they would like to be featured here…

I am also looking at writing pieces on classic genre books (sci-fi/horror mostly) maybe, or even better, I might take a look at some of those gloriously lurid covers that form part of the charm of vintage paperbacks.

Besides that, there’ll be the usual wittering from me, as well as the guest-blogs (including the second part of Barbara Roden’s excellent piece on editing, and new ones from Allyson Bird, Stephen Volk, JS Chancellor, and Rhys Hughes amongst others…). I will also keep posting the book reviews, a couple of days or a week after they first appear at Bookgeeks. And, of course, there’ll be the odd notification of an acceptance or the actual publication of something I appear in.

I’m sure there’ll be other stuff I’ll think of as time goes on…. but I reckon that’s enough for now…. thanks for dropping by!! =D

2 Responses to “Future plans and coming attractions…”

  1. Simon this is evolving into something quite special. Looking forward to future blog reading.

    • Thank you, Sue, your encouragement is very much appreciated….. and, there I was, worried that I would only able to come up with one blog a week… two months later and I have already had nearly 2500 hits a day, an average of 40-odd hits a day…. not bad eh?

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