More books….

While I gather my thoughts about what to write about today, two new books have arrived, ready to undergo intense Marshall-Jones scrutiny, and so the pile grows ever higher… the books are:

Gaslight Grotesque, edited by JR Campbell and Charles Prepolec (Edge Books)

Under the Poppy, by Kathe Koja (Small Beer Press, Advance Uncorrected Proof)

Particularly look forward to the latter (which was an unexpected arrival just yet), as Koja’s SKIN novel had such an impact on me years ago….

I also encourage anyone out there who has a book or a story in an anthology to contact me about getting them reviewed…. leave a comment and I will get back to you….


2 Responses to “More books….”

  1. Ha. Now you have to read a Willie Meikle story… and I didn’t even have to buy you a pint 🙂

    There’s some great stuff in Gaslight Grotesque. My favorites are the Volk and the Roden so I’ll be interested in your opinion.

  2. Yes, I noticed your name on there, Willie…. and yours is one of the ones I am looking forward to…. 🙂

    But you can buy me a pint any time… LD

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