Some news

I have just been advised that the first issue of the new book format ‘periodical’ (as the publisher, JS Chancellor, is calling it) The Asylum, with my Transfiguration story in it, won’t now be available until December, due to unavoidable circumstances. However, I have been assured that that it WILL be available in that month and that other than that slight delay the plan to publish it regularly is still going forward.

I am not entirely sure either when Paraphilia Books’ A Dream of Stone anthology, containing my Feathers story, is due to be released, but again, I am assured that it’s definitely coming out. My The Wages of Sin story will be published on the first Friday in December, the 3rd I think, in Dark Valentine online magazine.

I am curremtly trying my hand at writing a vampire tale in short form to see what I can come up with – at the very least, it’s a good way of stretching me in terms of my writing and attempting to come up with a new twist on things, which admittedly, is extremely difficult. Even if it doesn’t get anywhere, I think it’s a useful exercise. But I think the idea has the potential to be made into a novel at some point – this could just be seen as an excerpt to test the waters…. let you know how that goes.

Also, there’s the possibility of hosting a Terror Scribes Gathering sometime in the New Year – more on that as plans become more concrete…..

Anyway, I’ll let you go back to your lives now. =)


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