Vampire Awareness Month

No, this isn’t some kind of ‘wear-a-coloured-ribbon-on-your-lapel-to-make people-aware-of-the-plight-of-vampires’ thing, but a whole month’s worth of blogs, articles, stories and film-viewings, curated by Mark Deniz and Peter Bell, highlighting the vampire’s place in, and the creature’s influence on, the popular media. Everyone is familiar with this creation of the night, whether from reading Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula (itself inspired by Eastern European legends finding their way into late Victorian parlours) or from watching any of the numerous film and book retellings since then. And in that short span of just over a century, the vampire has evolved in ways that Stoker could never have imagined.

The films being discussed and scrutinised over the next 30-odd days start from probably the creepiest imagining yet of the undead Count, FW Murnau’s 1922 Nosferatu, and ends with the latest incarnation of the immortal bloodsucker (except they don’t), the sparkly Twilight. Along the way, some of the other films to be dissected and argued over include Martin, The Hunger, The Lost Boys, Near Dark (one of my favourites), Cronos, Interview with the Vampire, 30 Days of Night and Låt den rätta komma i (Let the Right One In). Plus there’ll be pieces from Gary McMahon on Vampyr (the surreal 1932 film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer), Mark Deniz on Ultraviolet (the 1998 Channel 4 vampire series), Kim Lakin-Smith on Rock Music in Vampire film/tv, and my very own The Enduring Appeal of the Vampire – A Personal Perspective article, along with many reviews and a short story or two .

Whatever your own views on the vampire, this is an interesting delve into the mythology and importance to the horror genre of this figure. Whether you just want to watch the films and read what everybody else has to say about them, or whether you want to throw some of your own opinions into the arena, you’ll be more than welcome to come along.

Vampire Awareness Month is happening now and can be found here.


2 Responses to “Vampire Awareness Month”

  1. Thank you so much for this Simon, I’m so amazed and impressed by the steam-roller affect of this month, from its origins as a Facebook update about shortlisting some vampire films to a fully blown month of blogs, reviews, comments, screenings and the like.

    Thanks to people like your good self, it’s really kicking off well!

  2. No worries, Mark… it’s all about networking. isn’t it? And I am happy to do my little promotional bit when I can… =)

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