Book for review

While I am formulating ideas for today’s blog, I’ll let you folks know of the latest arrival at Marshall-Jones Mansions for review, which is:

Null Immortalis (Nemonymous Ten), by various authors (Megazanthus Press)

This was very kindly sent to me by DF Lewis, a writer whose stories I used to enjoy immensely when I was a regular reader of Dagon fanzine during the eighties (and which, no doubt, have since disappeared from the parental home after I moved out). Incidentally, Dagon ‘zine also introduced me to the work of  Thomas Ligotti and TED Klein. It was a great little fanzine, which, although based primarily in the words of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu role-playing game (which I only got around to playing in the late nineties), nonetheless did its part in shaping my reading and the way I saw the world.

Anyway, proper blog coming soon….


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