I am humongously pleased to announce that my story, “The Wages of Sin”, has just been accepted for publication in the Winter 2010/11 edition of Dark Valentine Magazine, due for free dowload in the first week of December… watch out for it!!

This has definitely been an excellent first nine months of being a writer… I have submitted five times (with four stories) and three of them have been accepted – a very good return if you ask me…

This, naturally, has encouraged me enormously… and I will be continuing to write and submit… and learn… and having fun….  =)

4 Responses to “MORE STORY SUCCESS…”

  1. Wahey! That was a quick turnaround, wasn’t it? Good for you!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to it.

  3. Whoop whoop – that is awesome. How do you buy Dark Valentine?

  4. Hi Caffee – it’ll be available for free download the first Friday in December…. Issue 1 is avallable now at… there’re some great stories and art in there… =)

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