alt.fiction 2010

The Derby Quad, Derby, 12th June, 2010.

This is the first event of its kind that I will have  attended – I am especially looking forward to it because I hope, at last, to meet many of the author-type friends I have made through Facebook – in particular, Gary McMahon, Sarah Pinborough, Mark Morris, Allyson Bird, Stephen Volk and anybody else who’ll talk to little ol’ me. Plus I promised I’d buy one or two folks drinks. That always helps smooth introductions, I believe.

Mostly though, it’ll be about writing and alternative forms of fiction. There’ll be author talks, panels, discussions and workshops, as well as screenings of films, publishers stalls, book stalls and an auction. And there will be much drinking. Or so I’ve been told.

Whatever happens, though, I’ll be taking notes, both on the subject of writing and the event itself. When I get back I’ll do a write-up, which I’ll post here, probably on Monday because I’ll need time to recover. In the meantime, you could do worse than visit the alt.fiction website.

So, to all those reading this who are going, I’ll see you there – I’ll be the only one there with a tattooed head. Probably.


6 Responses to “alt.fiction 2010”

  1. Enjoy yourself Mr. Tattooed head. Take plenty of pictures!

  2. I would… had not we lost the recharging cable for our camera… =(

  3. Oh. Do you not have a mobile phone? Most can take pictures.

  4. I could do that – quality’s shite on my phone…. but I’ll have a go anyway…

  5. Cool. Make sure you get those author REALLY drunk before you dig the phone out!

    I will be thinking of you sir, I’ve got a day off work tomorrow so I’m going on a book finding tour around West Yorkshire’s charity shops.

  6. Well, I’ll be recording my impressions of the event on here early next week…. so watch out for that…. =)

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