Hot on the heels of the last post is the news that “Transfiguration” has already been accepted for publication in ‘The Asylum’….. one of only TWO short stories on the acceptance list so far, even though there have been many submissions… again this has reinforced my belief I am travelling the right road…. and I am also very excited to be involved in a new venture as well…

Many thanks to Breanne Braddy for accepting the story, and Ian Woodhead of the ‘British Horror Novels’ forum for suggesting ‘The Asylum’ as a possible place for submitting the story….

Go me! =D


5 Responses to “SUCCESS!!”

  1. You’ve given me a warm glow inside Simon. I’m so glad I could be of service. Now don’t you forget to share your good news on the BHN message board!

  2. Oh yes, Ian, I will indeed!!!!!!!!

  3. Go you indeed! Fabulous news.

  4. Huzzah! Persistence (and talent) Pays off.

  5. Congratulations mate!

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