Story news…..

My latest story, “Transfiguration”, has just been submitted to ‘The Asylum”. As I understand it, this is a new venture, the blog branching out into a print accompaniment, debuting in September 2010.

At this point, I would publicly like to state my thanks for feedback and suggestions to Simon Kurt Unsworth and Mark West, and for taking the time and trouble to read and comment on the story during its progress. I have to add that their comments about “Transfiguration” have really encouraged me enormously, and I am already working on a new story, working title “Loot”, although it will definitely NOT be called that – just need to come up with something more suitable and snappier. It’s just further solidified my feelings that I am heading in the right direction at last, after many false starts over the years.

“A Dream of Stone”, containing my debut story “Feathers”, is, as far as I know, still due to be published around midsummer, from Paraphilia Books. Further details on that as and when I get them.

(The photo above is from the April 1936 cover of ‘Spicy Mystery Stories’ – they don’t paint ’em like they used to!)


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