Upcoming book reviews

I will be reviewing the following books in the next couple of months at BookGeeks:

Lost Places, by Simon Kurt Unsworth (Ash-Tree Press)
Of Bees and Mist, by Erick Setiawan (Headline Review)
Pieces of Midnight, by Gary McMahon (Ash-Tree Press)
White Cat (The Curse Workers Book 1), by Holly Black (Gollancz)
Kumiho, by Peter Mark May (Vanguard Press)
The Lost Books of the Odyssey, by Zachary Mason (Jonathan Cape Ltd.)
Mr. Monster, by Dan Wells (Headline)
Light Boxes, by Shane Jones (Hamish Hamilton)
Bull Running for Girls, by Allyson Bird (Screaming Dreams)
In the Rain with the Dead, by Mark West (Pendragon Press)

… and whatever else comes my way in the meantime… and those that are categorised as horror will also make it over to Horror Reanimated sometime afterward and then will appear here…

Better get reviewing then… =)

2 Responses to “Upcoming book reviews”

  1. I could send you a copy of “in The Rain With The Dead” if you fancy it – it’s been out for a few years, but I like it and it never does any harm to keep its profile up.

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