First Utterance…

Well, I took the plunge and entered the world of blogging: which should prompt you lot out there to say: WHO THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU TO THINK WE’D BE EVEN VAGUELY INTERESTED IN YOUR MUSINGS? Good question…

So, who am I? I’m Simon Marshall-Jones, and am an ‘aspiring writer’, in authorial parlance, ie I write short stories (in the quiet, quirky supernatural/ghostly/fantastic realist/speculative/horror fiction/whatever takes my fancy vein) and am an avid collector of rejection slips. I also write book reviews for and Horror Reanimated (which will ultimately get posted here some time after their first appearance on the relevant website), plus I write CD and gig reviews for Hierophant Nox and Heathen Harvest webzines – although don’t let my taste/non-taste in music put you off.

I am also heavily tattooed – my USP, according to some. Some have viewed me as threatening because of them (specifically, the ones covering my head), but, although reserved, I am actually very friendly and quite open to those who take the time to get beyond the stereotype. My excuse is that I run a small, part-time independent record label, FracturedSpaces (new website forthcoming), specialising in all types of weird, uncommercial music.

I also paint – here are some examples of what I create.

I live with my wife Liz somewhere in the heart of the East Midlands and also share space with a stepson, seven cats, two dogs, two guinea-pigs and two rabbits, but sadly no partridges in pear-trees.

That’s about it for now – anything else, just ask.

One Response to “First Utterance…”

  1. Welcome to the monkey house and thanks for the hat tip.

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